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What is the essence of Guest Posting, or "Write for Us," and what advantages does it offer?

Guest posting, in straightforward terms, entails crafting content for another company's website. Many websites extend invitations and opportunities for authors to contribute guest posts or sponsored articles. Some even dedicate a specific page to this, often referred to as a "Contributor" page. Typically, guest bloggers or writers reach out to websites within their niche or industry to:

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"Write for us" or guest posting stands as one of the most widely employed SEO strategies by businesses over an extended period. It offers numerous advantages to businesses of all types, serving as a platform to showcase your expertise and valuable insights, thereby establishing you as an authoritative figure within your industry.

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What we publish at Vods?

Certainly, at Vods, our publishing focus centers on a dynamic array of topics within the gaming and streaming sphere. We're passionate about bringing you insightful content that delves deep into the world of gaming, with a particular emphasis on streamers, Twitch, and the creative minds behind captivating content.

Our articles cover a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from in-depth profiles of influential streamers, analysis of gaming trends, and reviews of the latest game releases to explorations of the evolving gaming culture and the strategies that content creators employ to engage and entertain their audiences.

In essence, our goal is to provide a comprehensive and engaging resource for anyone with a keen interest in the gaming world, whether you're a dedicated gamer, a streaming enthusiast, or simply someone curious about this exciting and ever-evolving industry.

What you should follow while ”write for us”?

Unique and Distinctive Content: Our readers crave fresh posts and novel ideas that captivate their interest. We thrive on content that stands out from the crowd, setting us apart from the rest. If you possess a unique idea or story, don't hesitate—grab your keyboard and start writing for us. To gain inspiration, peruse our website's existing content to understand the type of material we feature. This will give you insights into our approach and how to present your fresh ideas effectively.

Simplicity and Intrigue:Simple, targeted content provides valuable, to-the-point information that attracts a wider audience.

Use of Examples: The most impactful stories on our platform offer practical insights for gaming and about content creator. Be concise, straightforward, and engaging.

Sponsored Posts: We do accept sponsored posts at competitive rates from companies aiming to boost their visibility by associating with great content. Please note that this isn't a conventional advertising fee; it's an opportunity to build a strong brand presence among our readers.

For instance, if a company wishes to share their journey—from inception to their peak, outlining their growth, obstacles, and challenges along the way—this is the perfect avenue.

Guest posts are accepted exclusively for paid links or sponsored content. For a more detailed overview of what we publish and our submission guidelines, please refer to the information below.

What we don’t publish?

Steer Clear of Excessive Self-Promotion

When considering contributing to our platform, it's vital to remember that guest posting is an avenue for showcasing your expertise and knowledge to our readers. It's not a platform for heavy-handed promotion of services, offers, or companies. Please be aware that our readers seek high quality posts.

Originality is Key

We do not publish articles that have already graced our website, even if they've undergone revisions. We exclusively accept content that is unique and entirely original.

Say No to Plagiarism

Copying or plagiarizing content is strictly prohibited on our website. This constitutes a grave violation of our policies and may result in the permanent deactivation and banning of your account.

Maintain Accuracy and Integrity

Your content should never contain false information or fabricated data. Proper citations, credits, and source attributions are essential in your articles. Always rely on reliable information from authoritative sources and provide due credit.

Image Usage

Please refrain from including images or pictures in your content before submission, as we cannot permit this due to potential copyright issues. If images are necessary, we will handle their inclusion on our end.

Individual Profiles

We generally do not accept individual profiles of founders unless they are widely recognized and considered household names in their respective industries.

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