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Drama Unfolds Pokimanes Stance on Kick vs Twitch

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Drama Unfolds Pokimanes Stance on Kick vs Twitch

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Pokimane's Bold Stand

Popular streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys has made it clear that she will never switch to the rising platform Kick, which has already lured big names like xQc and Amouranth away from Twitch with high-profile contracts.

Values Over Money

Anys took an unwavering stance, stating that not even a $10 million offer, a fraction of what xQc was offered for over two years of non-exclusive streams on Kick, would tempt her. She firmly believes that accepting such an offer from the site would "compromise [her] morals and ethics."

The 'Cringe' Factor

In her June 20th stream, Anys expressed her strong aversion to sacrificing her values for money, calling it "cringe." She continued, "For me to do cringe things when I have money—I can't. Like, ew. [...] It's almost embarrassing."

Skepticism Surrounding Kick

Kick, a gaming and lifestyle-focused streaming site, has faced skepticism since its inception, primarily due to co-founder Ed Craven's ties to betting and cryptocurrency. Unlike Twitch, which cracked down on gambling streams in 2022, including banning Craven's other site, Stake.com, Kick leaves gambling site streams up to local laws.

The Sham Allegations

Former Twitch Director of Creator Development Marcus Graham labeled Kick.com as a "sham" in a 2022 Twitter thread. He criticized the platform for its questionable practices and hiding an undisclosed agenda.

Twitch's Imperfections

Amazon-owned Twitch, with its contentious 50/50 revenue split (though some larger creators can earn more) and poor communication, is not without its flaws. Anys herself has reduced her streaming on the platform in favor of more time offline and on less demanding social media sites like TikTok.

Pokimane's Dignity First

"I hope—especially smaller streamers—make good money off of whatever's happening on Kick," she said during her June 20th stream. However, she emphasized, "I would rather make $0 and keep my dignity."

Unfazed Reactions

Despite Anys explicitly discussing her perspective on a potential Kick switch, it hasn't stopped other creators from reacting to her statements.

  • "Are you for inhumane conditions for working and no union, and all of that?" xQc asked Anys on a June 21st "debate" stream. "Is that where your morals land?"

    • "What is this whataboutism?" she responded.
  • Amouranth also weighed in on a recent Kick stream, reacting to xQc's debate.

    • "[Twitch has] to be encouraging her to say this stuff, because this is just, like, mind-numbing," she said.

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